Microsoft 365 Security Features

Microsoft 365 Security Features

Microsoft 365 Security Features – Here is the Microsoft 365 Security feature listed below :- 


Function 1. Prevention of unauthorized access by multi-factor authentication

Unauthorized access should be noted as a cyber attack targeting cloud services. Cyber ​​criminals use their tactics to obtain user IDs and passwords and attempt unauthorized logins. One common way to prevent unauthorized access is “authentication by ID and password”, but many people may feel uneasy with this alone. allows users to oil down a second authentication via phone, SMS, or mobile app, which is much more secure than managing an account with just an ID and password.


Function 2. Encryption during data transfer

Microsoft 365 protects the data on the server by encrypting it when it is stored. In addition, SSL / TLS transfer encryption protects the data sent between you and Microsoft 365, so you can rest assured.


Function 3. Built-in anti-malware

Virus is the basis of cyber attacks. If you have security measures that automatically detect this, you can prevent cyber attacks with high probability. EOP ( Exchange Online Protection) fulfills this function . All emails used by Microsoft 365 are protected by EOP, so don’t miss ransomware or spyware.

In Microsoft 365, SharePoint Online also has malware detection capabilities. Even if a user uploads a file infected with malware, scanning will automatically detect the malware.

And if your company suffers from ransomware, you can rest assured that Microsoft 365 has a recovery plan in place.


Function 4. Fraud prevention by access control

Microsoft 365 administrators can impose access restrictions on a per-application user group basis. Administrators can grant access only to the users they need, when they need it, which helps prevent fraud. In addition, Exchange Online is designed to restrict connections with global IP, so if you set to allow connections only from the company’s global IP address, you can only pass internal access.


Function 5. DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

DLP is a function to prevent data loss / leakage due to unexpected troubles. By using this, you can identify and manage confidential information such as credit card number and My Number information, and set it so that it will not be shared accidentally. It also monitors and protects sensitive information in desktop apps Excel, PowerPoint and Word to detect inappropriate information sharing and more.


Features 6. Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection 365 Advanced Threat Protection is a cloud-based email filtering service that protects various malware such as ransomware and harmful links . Protects users from malicious emails and files.

In addition, a solution that combines advanced attachment scanning and AI detects and discards dangerous emails. Email links are automatically checked and access to insecure websites is blocked.


Features 7. Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is an integrated endpoint management platform. We ensure that the devices that companies lend to their employees and the devices that employees use by BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) are managed to keep security up-to-date. Centrally manage devices with different operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows and macOS, streamlining and automating deployment, provisioning, policy management, app delivery and updates.

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